The Service We Provide - an Introduction

Every garden project is different. We can tailor our services to your individual needs, however large or small your garden problems are.  Scroll through the following list to give you some idea of our services. Numbers 1 to 6 illustrate how a Complete Garden Design project typically unfolds, followed by some information about our  Bespoke Garden Consultation Services (number 7).  Greenspace Garden Design are here to help for all your garden design and planting needs. 

  1. 1. First Consultation and Quotation

    An informal and relaxed meeting to take an initial look at the garden and discuss what is required from a new garden design. We clarify how you want the garden to be used, what features and planting you hope to add to (or take away from) the space, who will use the garden and who works in the garden. At this meeting there is an opportunity to discuss preferred styles and a chance to take a look at my portfolio. Following this meeting you receive in writing a breakdown of fees for the design of your garden. On receipt of your written instruction and acceptance, we proceed to the next stage.

    First View of Garden
  2. 2. Site Survey and Analysis

    A full site survey and analysis of the garden is prepared on site and to scale. Detailed measurements are taken to plot the position of the house, boundaries, trees, existing hard landscaping and all of the other elements currently present, including changes of levels, man-hole covers, drainage issues and soil analysis. (If a garden is topographically very complex, we would recommend a firm of surveyors is used to undertake the survey). This survey forms the basis from which the design drawings begin.

    Site Surveying with a Dumpy Level
  3. 3. Second Consultation

    Before commencing with the final design plan, an interim meeting is often helpful. At this stage a sketch drawing can be presented to ensure that everyone can clarify the design intent and it provides an opportunity to make changes before commencing with the final plan.

    Sketch Drawing of Garden Plan
  4. 4. Design Plan

    Once all design concepts are approved a highly detailed and accurately scaled drawing of your new garden is then presented (typically around three to four weeks after the site survey, depending on the complexity of the design). At this stage a Contractor’s Folder is also presented to you, with design plans, any additional structural drawings for steps, walls, pergolas or other features and a Schedule of Works ready to send to Landscapers for quotations.

    Please note that for gardens that present challenging complications such as deep terracing, multiple flights of steps, large pergolas or covered walkways, and so on, an additional charge may be incurred for the structural drawings required for the landscapers. These charges would always be discussed and clearly set out for approval before proceeding.

    Design Plan Drawing
  5. 5. Building the Garden

    You have the option for us to monitor your garden build from start to finish. We would get at least two quotes from recommended and reputable landscapers in your local area. We then over-see and monitor the work, ensuring the Design is properly interpreted and constructed.

    Garden Build in progress
  6. 6. Planting and Maintenance Requirements

    Once the Design confirms the new planting areas, a Planting Plan can be drawn up, showing exactly where each plant will be situated. Careful consideration is given to the plant selection, ensuring they suit their position (sunny/shaded), soil type and your preferences. A detailed plant list is provided for an order to a nursery.

    We provide a Planting Service whereby the Planting Plan is implemented. Plants can be ordered, checked for quality on arrival and planted in-situ if requested. We use reputable trade nurseries where we can provide plants to you at competitive prices.

    For a small fee we can provide a Plant Maintenance Advice Sheet which provides detailed information on how to maintain and look after each of your new plants. We can also provide interim Garden Visits to monitor the garden and check on plants and their progress, offering garden maintenance and/or advice at each visit.

    Flower Bed Planted Up
  7. 7. Bespoke Garden Services

    Gardens can sometimes feel like an overwhelming burden.  Yet their potential to provide us with pleasure is immense.  Here at Greenspace Garden Design, we fully understand that you may not need your entire garden re-vamped.  However small your problem, we can help.  Do you have a dark, damp corner of the garden that needs some planting to bring it to life?...  Perhaps you have recently moved into your home and need some ideas for the future...  Maybe those new bi-folding doors of your snazzy extension now reveal a tired patio...  We can help with bespoke garden consultations, from finding sculptures, to researching specialist plants for that tricky flower bed.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.  We can tailor a quote to your needs. 

    Release the potential of your outdoor space...

    Bespoke Sculpture sourced for new flower bed